Ушни марки
         This is our basic technology for the manufacturing of rubber stamps, embossing dies and a number of other products. The company uses a laser engraving system produced by Universal Laser Systems, USA.

Technical specifications:

Laser type: infrared, CO2
Wavelength: 10.7 mm
Power: 30 W
Resolution: up to 1000 dpi
Working area max.: 600 х 300 mm
Workpiece height max.: 200 mm
Workpiece weight max.: 20 kg
Rotational workpiece dimensions, max.: dia. 200 mm, length 300 mm

Infrared CO2 lasers are designed for processing of non-metallic materials. Depending on the chosen processing mode and material specifications, the system can perform engraving and/or cutting. Here are some commonly used materials:    - acrylic
   - wood
   - glass (engraving)
   - anodized aluminium (marking)
   - multilayer (sandwich) materials
   - laminates
   - paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard
   - multilayer foils

NOTE: For technological reasons it is not possible to process materials with highly reflective (“mirror”) surface, porcelain, as well as materials emitting poisonous gases when burning (e.g. KOMATEX, polystyrene, polyamide, Teflon etc.)