Ушни марки

01/ 2013
         Surprise your friends and family with an engraved gift or souvenir for Christmas and New Year holidays. Explore our current offers here и here!

01/ 2011
         Since the beginning of 2011, Dukov Rouse Ltd. has had a new type of laser system - MACSA F-9000 .
The laser can mark with great precision metal parts, engrave all kinds of metal objects and find application in the advertising business and technological industry.

        DUKOV Ltd. was founded in 1993 with a main specialisation in manufacturing rubber (ink) stamps. Since then it has grown to be one of the major rubber stamp manufacturers in Northeastern Bulgaria.

Nowadays DUKOV Ltd. manufactures all kinds of means for stamping and sealing documents, packaging and other industrial products. Thanks to the extensive experience in processing different materials and to the complete range of equipment, the company is capable of solving a wide variety of non-standard tasks and producing custom items in small series.