Ушни марки
  • Printer R 30
  • Printer R 40
  • Pocket Stamp 20
  • Pocket Stamp 30
  • Printer Compact 30
  • Printer 45
  • Printer Standard 30
  • Pocket Mouse 30
  • Pocket Mouse R 30
  • Pen Writer

Rubber stamps (round, oval, rectangular, custom-shaped, on wooden (classic) handle, automatic (self-inking) stamps, stamping inserts and ink pads for industrial stamping devices, pocket stamps, stamp pens, stamps on custom handles (holders) by client specification.
Metal seals for sealing-wax and plasticine.
Paper embossing seals (incl. seals for public notaries).
Seals for lead, complete with seal presses.
Thimble stamps for egg marking.
Stamps resistant to solvents and other aggressive media.
Stamps for marking linen and other textile products.
Stamps with changeable date and time.
Stamps with changeable date and permanent text.
Exlibris stamps and many more!